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Some days, endurance is more important than luck

Optima blue top AGM batteries and AGM deep cycle batteries will keep you on the water longer. Spiral cell design of an Optima marine AGM battery with its tightly wound cells pressed into tubes, make them 15 times more resilient to vibration. Most important when you are pounding through the waves.

Our Optima marine AGM deep cycle batteries make also great start batteries also; they range from 750CCA - 900CCA. Optima marine AGM batteries and Optima marine AGM Deep cycle batteries are Spill proof they can be mounted on their side, have no terminal corrosion and do not gas under charge.

In the off season conventional batteries sulphate in 3-6 months, which is leads to premature failure. An Optima marine AGM battery or Optima Marine AGM Deep cycle battery will retain its charge for 12 months (providing zero current draw), so it is already to go for the next marine season.

Emergency services such as the Water police and some Naval departments use the Optima AGM batteries for their boats, because reliability and performance is the key.

Optima Blue Top D31M Marine Batteries

Dual purpose
* 12 - 18 month shelf life
* True Deep cycle that charges in one hour from alternator
* Start batteries Superior Cranking at 800cca
* Deep Cycle models with Superior Cranking at 750cca(55 amphour) and 900cca(75 amphour)
* Drycell - non spillable
* 2 year private use warranty, I year commercial warranty.
* Can be mounted on side
* 15 times more resilient to vibration
* 2 extra stainless steel threaded terminals (inc wing nuts)

Product Features
* Blue Top - Dual Purpose / SAE & S/Steel stud
* 900 cca
* 1125ca
* Capacity : 75Amp hr
* Reserve Capacity : 155mins @ 25Amps
* Dimensions : 326mmx165mmx242mm
* Weight : 27.18 kg

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